We can digitize these types of analogue media:

  • vinyl records (78, 45, 33)
  • audio tapes (up to 7,5 ips)
  • audio cassette tapes
  • VHS and SVHS video tapes

Equipment: Stanton T.120 (turntable), Akai M-10 (stereo tape recorder), Pioneer CT-S410 (tape deck), various types of video tape recorder, Universal Audio UA-2192 (A/D converter)

The following digital media could be transferred into various other digital media:
audio CD, audio and video DVD, DAT cassettes, 8-track-ADAT-cassettes.

Equipment: various Plextor CD/DVD recorder, DAT recorder SONY A8, ADAT (type I)


Once digitized, the media could/should be "cleaned". That means that sometimes crackles and/or clicks or other unwanted noises should be removed. Here an example for the restoration of a live recording (piano in a noisy environment). In the background of the rough recording some clatter of flatware can be heard ... 

... and in the "cleaned" version, these noises are no more audible.

Some other kinds of restauration could be the modification and/or the removal of single tones or other noises like rumbling or humming.


Digitizing of analogue media without restauration: 1,50 EUR (1,79 EUR)* per minute audio material + 10,- EUR (11,90 EUR)* for the forwarding as wave files on an optical media (data CD).

*) incl. 19% VAT

Restauration - if necessary (e. g. audio material with clicks, crackles or unwanted noise) - would cause extra fee. If we think that a restoration would be reasonable or should be done, we submit you our proposals. And if you accept this, we will calculate an adapted offer.