piano, vocals/speach or instruments

the piano

Steinway C-227 and first-class recording equipment. Hear an example of a recording with this piano.
You also can download the example as an mp3 file.
The sound and the mechanical characteristics makes the piano ideal for romantic music or e.g. for interpretations of Mozart. Hear another sound example (piano: Daria Fenske):
Of course you could test the piano before booking a recording session.

vocal/speach or instrument recordings

microphones: DPA 4021 (preferred for piano), Schoeps MK4 stereo set (acoustic instruments), Neumann TLM 49 and Brauner Valvet (voices)
preamps and channel strips: AVALON AD 2022, 2x Focusrite ISA 430, Universal Audio LA-610
A/D converter: 2x Universal Audio 2192


recording session on piano (Steinway C-227):
  • the first hour per day: 75,- (89,25)* EUR
  • every further hour: 45,- (53,55)* EUR
All costs for piano tuning are included.

other recording sessions (vocals, speach or acoustic instruments):
  • the first hour per day: 50,- (59,50)* EUR
  • every further hour: 35,- (41,65)* EUR
recording, additional services (selecting and cutting of recorded tracks):
  • per hour: 25,- (29,75)* EUR
*) incl. 19% VAT
Sound editing, mixing and/or mastering are normally separate services. We offer the option to combine different services for a flat fee.